Beautiful Goa....

>> Friday, August 29, 2008

Goa formed part of the Mauryan Empire in the 3 rd century BC. This was followed by the rule of the Satvahanas of Kolhapur and the Bhojas who made Chandor their capital. From 580 – 750 AD the Chalukyas of Badami held sway over Goa until the Silharas took control in 1086 AD.

Gulhalla Deva of the Kadambas, originally from Mysore, consolidated his hold over Chandor in the 11 th century AD until the 13 th century AD. On a pilgrimage to Somnath a sudden storm threatened the Kadamba King and his armada at the mouth of the River Zuari. Arab traders who lived in a settlement by the riverside rescued them and in gratitude, the Arabs were allowed to carry on their commercial activities in the kingdom.

As their kingdom prospered the Kadamba rulers built a navy that was unbeatable in its time. Chandor their capital was now too small. They then moved to Goa Velha, where only the massive tank of the temple of Goddess Chamunda remains today. The Fr Agnel monastery on the hill at Pilar houses the museum that has notable collections of this period.

Jayakeshi-I 1052-1080 AD proclaimed himself Lord of the Konkan and Emperor of the Western Seas. On his death Goa fell to the Chalukyas of Kalyani and later to the Yadavas of Devgiri.

Muslims held sway from 1312-1370 AD over the Konkan region. However with the breakup of the Tughlaq Kingdom, it was the Bhamani Sultans who then controlled Goa.

Madhav Mantri, who headed the army of Harihara of Vijaynagar, reclaimed and ruled Goa as its Viceroy. He fortified its ports and through these Arab steeds were imported for use in the Vijayanagar army. In 1469 the Bahamani Vizier Khwaja Mohammed Gawan of Gulbarga laid a two-year siege of Goa’s seaside forts and ended Vijayanagar’s rule.

Yusuf Adil Shah the adopted son of Gawan, moved his capital to Ela in Old Goa in 1498. He later built himself a palace in Panaji which until recently housed the State Secretariat. His rule lasted 12 years. On 25 November 1510 he lost Goa for good to Afonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese who had taken the city earlier in March that year. The Portuguese ruled for 450 years.

On 19 December 1961 troops of the Indian Union marched into Goa. By choice Goa remained a Union Territory of the Indian Union for 26 years and on 30 May 1987 Goa attained its statehood. In August 1992, Konkani the mother tongue of Goa was included in the Indian Constitution.

Light house..

Traffic Island..

Casino Goa..

Ice cream ..


A typical Goan house..

Light house..

Extremely beautiful beach house..what a location..

Shadow Play..

Clean Beaches of Golden Sand..

Central Church.

Cityscape of Panaji..Capital of Goa.


My Close-up Photography..

>> Thursday, August 28, 2008

hi friends,
Posting some of the Photos..
Basically I'm not a professional photographer..
but I like to click photos with available camera..
so...these r some of them...please have a look..
and comment if u like or u don't like..

So cute..:)


Bhagvan Shivs Vehicle...Nandi..

Birds nest..

Bhagavan Shiv ..we found this beautiful statue at VishrantGadh in Konkan

My Architectural Projects model in fourth yr..done in 1 day..

Beautiful Dalia

dont know the name..

Crimson red..

Candle light Dinner..

Our cute Ganapati..

Moth..if u see carefully..there is a face of man at the center..its amazing..

I don't know the name..but I think its a Grasshopper..


Engle Fish from my aquarium..



You are here...

This is the best..


The evolution of Man and Woman

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Open this in a new window..


Chinese Adidas duplicate..

>> Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hi friends..
See this picture I got..abibas!!!!
One of my friend got this shoes from Chinese Market...
These Chinese shoes are so same to original design and so cheap ordinary men can get easily from market...
Adidas Company ..what r you doing??


Satyanarayan Puja at my place...

Today we performed Satyanarayan Puja at my place..


College Cultural week...

>> Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hi friends..
I'm back with some photos from our college of Cultural week of last yr.
We organize our cultural week at the first week of February before our annual submissions starts..

As we r student of architecture we try to find some different things ,compilations , and days.....

Cultural week comprises different days such as Traditional Day , School Day , Character Day , 60's Day , Competition day etc..
Each yr the days changes..
So have a look..enjoy..

Different Characters from Drama..

The topic for this machstik design competition was "9/11"..
Now try to understand what I have done..:)

Body Painting Competition..

Body Painting Competition..

Boys in Traditional Dress.. Salvar and Kurta..

If you want to see more photos...then please comment on...


S.D. Phadanis Cartoons.

>> Friday, August 22, 2008

S D Phadnis, the creator of caption-less cartoons.

Cartoonist Shivram Dattatreya Phadnis was born on July 29, 1925 at Bhoj, Dist. Belgaum, India. He took his formal art education at Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai.

Extremely interested in cartooning, he moved to Pune with the strong active support of noted editor, late Mr. Anant Antarkar of Hans Publications, and started his career as a cartoonist and a humour illustrator. Since then, innumerable books and periodicals have been enlivened by the cartoons of S D Phadnis. He has carved a niche for himself in the field of humourous illustrations. Many of his works have been featured at the International Salon of Cartoons, Montreal, Canada.

His simple, captionless cartoons bring out the humour in everyday life, crossing the boundaries of language, region or class.

Married to Shakuntala, he has two daughters, Leena and Roopa. He has his own studio at Pune. Mrs. Shakuntala Phadnis, who is a writer, manages the Laughing Gallery exhibition and the Chitrahas


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