Prize Winning Photograph - Fool Nokia

>> Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is the Prize winning photograph !!
In 2006 Nokia Announced a photo competition on all India level.
One of my friend Hrishikesh Gharpure sent this picture which was clicked by me on the name of my another friend Vikram with the address of another friend !!
and that picture came at the 9th place out of 20 which were selected from all India level.
He got NOKIA 7610, the price of this mobile at that time was Rs 19,000 !!!
We were so amazed!!! Nokia delivered Prize at his place.
But the most funny thing was I clicked this photo with my old mobile " Motorola E365" !!
The picture is taken in our college during cultural festival.
Nokia judges didnt even recognized that the picture is taken from some another company funny..
I used that mobile for 1 week..:)
After that day Hrishikesh is taking part in every competition announced by Nokia..

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